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Handle Refresh Events on Summary Page

Refresh is a term that describes the process of renewing the screen contents on a monitor. As the refresh rate increases, the image becomes clearer. The refresh method is used almost in every application or system but in a different way. On other hand, this refresh method sometimes create a problem in application e.g. Sage… Read More »

Restrict Web Sites in Sage CRM Dashboard Website Gadget

Every Oraganization has their own rules and regulations or we can say Organization policy which must be followed by their employees. For Example, Lets say according to the Organization rules and regulations or Policy, Organization employee should not be able to access any unwanted website in Sage CRM. Sage CRM Dashboard Gadgets allows to configure… Read More »

SageCRM 7.2 URL parameters through Client Side API

In Sage CRM customizations most of the times we need query string (URL) parameters to be used in the code. As far as server side programming is concerned, there are several ways by which we can get URL values and use them. Complexity increases when it comes to client side scripting. One needs to write… Read More »

Handling URL’s in COM API part 1

Well, before starting off with the post I must say that this is the pure development content most probably in the interests of developers? This is the multipart series in which I will be explaining how to handle the URL’s to avoid navigation and other scripting issues in COM API development work. In this post… Read More »

Importance of prevURL property

Recently in a customization I was doing for a client I had to add a list block in a custom page. On clicking on the hyperlink on the list the page redirects to the communication summary page. I noticed a strange thing happen, whenever I am on the standard communication summary screen redirected from this… Read More »