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Next and Previous button on Communication Summary screen

In Sage CRM, communication entity help to keep track of daily task, appointments and email which is being exchange within organization and outside as well. On communication tab we find list of communications for parent entity company,person,opportunity and cases etc. New Stuff: Error exporting reports to excel in CRM Part-7 Standard Communications list displayed below.… Read More »

GUMU Configuration for Sage CRM- Sage ERP X3 (v7.0 onwards) – II

In our previous blog, we gone through how to create GUMU configuration screen at Sage X3 side. In this blog we will discuss how to create Menu Sub Module and Navigation for GUMU configuration screen at Sage X3 Side New Stuff: Implementing Real time synchronization from Sage X3 to Sage CRM using GUMU Lets walk through how to create Menu sub mi-module and navigation for GUMU configuration screen,… Read More »

Collapsible Navigation Menu in Sage CRM v7.2

Sage CRM Client Side Scripting provides vital features to customize Sage CRM the way a user needs. We have discussed several tricks on Sage CRM Client side scripting in our previous posts. You can refer Also Read section at the end of this post for more details. In this blog post, we will explain how… Read More »

Importance of prevURL Property Part-2

In my previous post I had brief discussion on importance of prevURL property in the query string and explained how to use it with list asp page. http://sagecrmaddons.blogspot.com/2010/11/importance-of-prevurl-property.html In this blog I will be exploring it in more detail and will give idea of how and where it should be used while dealing with custom… Read More »

Importance of prevURL property

Recently in a customization I was doing for a client I had to add a list block in a custom page. On clicking on the hyperlink on the list the page redirects to the communication summary page. I noticed a strange thing happen, whenever I am on the standard communication summary screen redirected from this… Read More »