Create Follow-Up Task after Filing Email in Sage CRM from Outlook

By | December 31, 2010
As a part of standard Sage CRM and Outlook integration, we can file an email in CRM using the button provided as shown below:

Now when user selects an email and clicks on the “File E-mail” button, a filing window gets appeared on the screen as below:

“File E-Mail” button just files an email in CRM against selected Person and Company. “File and View E-Mail” files an email and redirects user to the summary of that email created in CRM.

Now in order to perform an action, say like creating a follow-up on this newly filed mail could be necessary. We will use the same “File and View E-Mail” button. When user will click on “File and View E-Mail” button email gets created and below screen is displayed.

On this screen we provided a button that will allow the user to create follow up task. Once the user clicks on the button, he will be redirecting to the new task screen. Here the user can save a new communication tasks.

By this process the user does not have to login to Sage CRM and search for the company/person and then create a new tasks against the communication.

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