Usage of AJAX in Sage CRM

By | March 17, 2011

Everyone must be aware of using AJAX Request and Response functionality. Has anyone thought of implementing AJAX functionality in Sage CRM? Well, the answer is yes, you can use the AJAX functionality from within Sage CRM.

Some days ago, I came across a request on the forum stating that fetching the response from Web service after sending one of the parameter to the web service URL and fill the responses in the different fields of sage CRM.

The requirement was such that there will be one button on edit mode case summary screen and this button will be accessing the web service and by reading one of the parameter available on this screen and fetch the responses using AJAX response method and fill the same in case fields. Sample codes for AJAX request/response can easily be found on the web.

You can also make use of AJAX functionality wherever you are using Iframe to fill the data in the fields. It has one more advantage over Iframe is that it works in any browser window (like IE, Mozilla etc) without any exceptions whereas Iframe is not compatible on Mozilla and Safari.

There are other methods to get the data from server without using Iframe and not compromising on the performance. This can be done using the JQuery. This is slightly different approach but very promising and will only improve in the coming years.

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