Use Escalation Rules for Birthday and Anniversary wishes

By | September 30, 2015

Hello everyone!! As we all know, Sage CRM comes with a powerful tool which allow system to notify users in form of Escalation emails. The Escalation feature is best utilized in Case management module of CRM wherein on breaching the SLA reminder emails goes out of system.
In our recent implementation, we have extended this feature of Escalation to send birthday and anniversary reminder emails to customers. How we can make this working is explained in this blog topic.
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To do this follow below steps:
1. Add new fields pers_birth_date, pers_anniversary_date, pers_emailflag, pers_dateflag in person entity.
2. Create a view under Person entity in order to get those person records to whom you wish to send reminder mails.
3. Create a Escalation Rule by navigating to Administration | Advanced Customization | Escalation.
4. Fill in the following information as given below:

a. Select Person entity from Table option.
b. Rule Name: Birthday Reminder (As per your requirement).
c. Select the Rule Enabled check box.
d. Add below condition in Trigger SQL Clause.

MONTH(pers_birth_date)=MONTH(GetDate()) and day (pers_birth_date) = day(GetDate()) and pers_emailflag is null and Pers_Deleted is null
5. Add Send Email action to the escalation rule.
6. Configure the Email Template & Save.
On performing the configuration your system is ready to send emails to your customers. You can also update the action flag on respective field to avoid sending repetitive emails from system.
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