Show External Attendees in a Sage CRM 7.1 List for an Appointment

By | April 15, 2011

In my earlier post related to Sage CRM 7.1 – External Attendee, I had highlighted new features provided by of Sage CRM 7.1 i.e. External Attendees. Please refer below link:

As we all know using External Attendees functionality we can maintain and manipulate the multi-person linked appointments very efficiently. But as per my perspective not only the data managing is but data presentation is also one of the important aspects. What is the use of managing the data if it is not presented correctly?

Yes I am talking about displaying the attendee data on a communication list. Showing the attendee data on grid will be helpful to identify who and how many of members going be a part of the meeting.

We, at Greytrix have developed a routine which helps to get the list of attendee data in a standard list as shown in the below figure:

Note: Please click the images to enlarge them.

We can also show the list all related people added to the communication in Sage CRM (6.1, 6.2 and 7.0) where relationship is used.

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