GUMU MAS Integration now for your Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90 EES – Part II

By | April 20, 2011

In our earlier post you read about the key points of our GUMU MAS EES which works parallel with your SageCRM – Sage MAS 90/200 EES.

GUMU MAS Integration now for your Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90 EES – Part I

Now is the time to actually see how it works and how your data flows REAL TIME in your Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90/200 EES using GUMU MAS EES.

On successful installation of your GUMU MAS EES, you will see 4 new TABS in your SageCRM system. I am sure you will have concern about giving access of your information to one or all, let’s discuss the Security matrix a bit later. For now let’s see what Data is seen in these Tabs in your Sage CRM. It’s all Real-Time from your Sage MAS90/200

1. AR Inquiry Tab :- Under this tab, you can view the entire AR invoice list for particular company from Sage MAS on real time basis.

You can drill down to any invoice by clicking details of that particular invoice, which displays total along with line item details. Let’s see invoice details for invoice number 0100073.

2. Order Inquiry :- This tab displays list of all the orders from Sage MAS 90 on a real time basis

You can go into more information by clicking Details of particular Sales order. This will display the Order header, order detail and order details for that particular order number. Let’s see order number 256

3. Sales Summary :- This tab displays sales summary for the selected fiscal year and fiscal period. It displays like Sales, Cost of goods Sold, Cash received, No. of invoices, Finance Charges, & No. of financial charges

4. Item Sales history :- This tab displays sales history for a particular item in selected fiscal year and Ship to code for all the periods. It displays information like QTY sold, Dollars sold, Cost sold, Qty return, Prior year qty, var% i.e. the amount of percentage increase or decrease compared to last fiscal year.

That was about GUMU MAS EES. We’ve see a lot of data REAL TIME from Sage MAS into your Sage CRM but does all this data need to be shown to all. In our GUMU solutions we provide the Admin user with a Security Matrix for providing access to the users depending on their role and need to view this confidential data.

Security Matrix:

This was about GUMU MAS EES. And yes, it is customizable so if you are looking into anything specific it can be made to fit your business needs.

Have a GUMU Day!

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