Sage CRM – MAS 90/200 EES Suite Extensions – Sales Dashboard

By | May 19, 2011

Another one in the Sage CRM – EES basket :). After the integration of the RMA entry screen with case entity in Sage CRM

Greytrix is back with another one. This one provides the user with a dashboard which shows the data from MAS in a graphical format. Since we have used the Fusion Chart control we are able to show the graph that are richer in terms of user interface and provides the user in Sage CRM a 360 degree view to the customer.

The graph can show information like

YTD Revenue: Cumulated shipped and invoiced orders in MAS90

YTD Bookings: Cumulated Open orders in MAS 90

We can show a lot of statistically important information which is residing in MAS. There is also the option of showing a graph which shows data from MAS as well as Sage CRM. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t have to emphasize how importance the graphical information would be to a sales person or his manager without having the need to login to MAS.

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