GUMU MAS Integration now for your Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90 EES – Part I

By | April 15, 2011

Get REAL TIME information in your Sage CRM – Sage MAS EES..Yes, its True!!
We are glad to announce the release of our new solution GUMU MAS EES. Your favorite GUMU for SageCRM – Sage MAS90/200 Integration features now packed in a new solution which works parallel with SageCRM – Sage MAS 90/200 EES. So basically we now have two solutions

* GUMU MAS 90 – One for your Standalone Sage MAS and Sage CRM system
* GUMU MAS EES – Two for your Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90/200 EES system

The first question ofcoz what special can we offer to our SageCRM – Sage MAS 90/200 EES users.

1) Functionality of Sage MAS 90/200 EES with their standard integration routines
2) GUMU features like viewing REAL TIME transaction data and Order Entry functionality from within your SageCRM

Isn’t the Order Entry functionality exciting, let us explain it in more detail? (This has been one of the favorite feature of GUMU MAS Integration which you can now offer to SageCRM – Sage MAS90/200 EES users.)

There occurs instances when you would like to access Sage CRM through browser in the network or from the internet (outside network through static IP/ or terminal services) and would like to access data on real time basis. This is now possible with our GUMU MAS EES
For this you just have to make sure that
1) GUMU link should be installed on the CRM server
2) MAS server should be connected to CRM server

Once this is setup GUMU will help you not only to create orders but also promote the orders to MAS. So you can use EES functionality when you are on your machine where MAS workstation is installed and of course while you are accessing CRM using the network or internet then its GUMU MAS EES.

I am sure your next question would be how would that be possible from where will you get products and pricing for creating orders from within SageCRM while using Sage MAS EES.

GUMU MAS EES imports all the products along with respective pricings in Sage CRM for creating orders.

While we are completing this Blog, we are working towards the next one for more on our GUMU MAS EES, how it actually works and how you can see Real Time information in your Sage CRM and Promote Orders. In the meantime for any queries, please email us on