Sage CRM – MAS 90/200 EES Suite Extensions – RMA integration with Case

By | May 9, 2011

Apart from GUMU™ for Sage CRM – MAS 90/200 integration, Sage CRM and MAS 90/200 EES is another product which enables the user to have the integration between two system. No, this is not the blog where I am comparing the two products (I will save it for later :)). I would like to take this opportunity to introduce certain features and enhancements, which we will be referring as “EES Extensions” that we have developed and integrated with Sage CRM and MAS 90 EES. These are not path breaking or mind boggling innovative stuff but rather small pieces functionality which will integrate the tw0 system more tightly.

For the first EES Extensions, we have RMA screen from MAS 90/200 integrated with Sage CRM Case entity in Sage CRM. As you know, with the RMA module, you can easily print or fax notifications to customers and print receiving documents to alert warehouse personnel of pending returns. After the goods are received and inspected, they can be returned to inventory, identified as items for repair, or scrapped. Then, Sage MAS 90/200 automatically generates all the appropriate transactions, including credit memos, replacement orders, purchase orders and vendor returns. This complete, end-to-end solution saves hours of data entry and eliminates the need to search through file drawers for supporting historical documents. This is absolutely fine but what about your customer who has returned the product. You cannot ignore him especially when your accounting system is integrated with a CRM. Here is where the EES extension jumps in.

With this EES Extension, when the user creates a RMA entry the system would create a Case in Sage CRM on real time basis. Once the case is in CRM, the SLA, escalation and workflow can then take over to provide a better customer support. This would be more an end to end and complete solution that not only saves hours of data entry but also have a happy customer.

We will be adding more and more of extensions in near future so lookout for these goodies from Greytrix.

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