It's Time for change. Without errors, of course

By | September 8, 2011
The standard Sage CRM Time Zone setting for each user is set to (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time. It is a lovely place but unfortunately all of us don’t happen to stay there. So it is imperative that we have to make changes to the user settings to right time zone once Sage CRM is installed. You might ask, “Duh, What is the big deal in setting the time zone? After all it is just another dropdown value”. Very true, we tend to come across issues when we try and save this innocuous piece of data, especially in Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7 OS.

If you get an error like this, you can try the following two ways:

• Using Translation: Firstly check that the expected time zone is available at your server or not. If exist with the different name (than CRM) then you will have to change the corresponding translation in the CRM. You can find the translation entry in CRM as:
Caption Family =’TimezoneDelta’
Caption Code= +08:00
Please note that by using translation we can solve the problem for other languages but not Chinese.

• Change the Time zone setting: You can change the user’s time zone setting directly in the database. You can do this by setting the ‘NSet_TimezoneDelta’ value to the capt_code value (of the time zone you want to change to) in the UserSettings table in the CRM database.
For example, if you want to change the admin user’s timezone, just go to the UserSettings table, do a query as ‘select * from Usersettings where uset_userid=1 and uset_key=’NSet_TimezoneDelta”. Change the value in the USet_Value cell to ‘+08:00’.After that refresh metadata and reset the IIS.

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