Expose hidden fields in Sage CRM entities

By | November 5, 2011

Sage CRM has a very good reporting structure inbuilt. You can create views; make them usable as Report view by checking the corresponding checkbox. Further you can attach this view to report and build search criterion/contents based on the same. Sometimes even though field is visible in your view you cannot find it to add to Report search criterion or Contents. This field might be hidden as default behavior. Then how do you make it visible? Here is how you can do it.
1)Log in to SQL Server.
2)Select Sage CRM data base
3)Click on the New Query button
4)Please use below query to find field configurations for CRM
Select * from custom_edits
Where colp_entity=’< Entity Name >‘ and colp_colname = ‘< Field Name >‘

5)You have to update “colp_allowedit” and “colp_system” field values for the field you want to expose in CRM.
Update custom_edits set colp_allowedit=NULL, colp_system=NULL
Where colp_colname = ‘< Name of the field to be exposed >‘

6)Login to Sage CRM.
7)Go to Administration–> System–>Metadata.
8)Check the “Refresh All” checkbox.
9)Click Execute Refresh Button
10)Log off from the CRM system.
11)Run the IISRESET command
12)Login to the Sage CRM system and check whether field is available to be added to search criterion or content of the report.
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