Limit number of characters in Sage CRM fields

By | August 18, 2014

In our earlier post, we have explained how to restrict the length of a Sage CRM text field on screen block using JavaScript and JQuery.
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In this blog post, we will take a look at how to limit the number of characters in Sage CRM fields that are added on screens.
Consider Company Name field from new company screen where we want to format the field in such a way so that the user can enter only 10 characters in it. Here are the steps to achieve the same.
1) Login to the Sage CRM as an Administrator user.
2) Navigate to Administrator | Customization | Company.
3) Navigateto Screens tab andselect CompanyBoxLong screen.
4) Select Company Name field (i.e. Comp_name) from the Screen Contents section and add below code in CreateScript section of screen.
5) Click on Update button and then click on Save button to apply changes.
Once this is done, you can navigate to New Company screen and observe that the Company Name will be limited to a maximum of 10 characters. Users can apply similar restrictions to other fields in Sage CRM as well.
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