Add New Forecast Quarters to create New Forecast

By | May 16, 2012

Sales Forecasting is a standard feature of the SageCRM application for both Individual CRM users and Teams. Its functionality is to allow individual Sales Users to enter forecasts using their opportunity pipeline.
Forecasts tab can be seen on My CRM. Sometimes when we try to create a new Forecast for the current year, you might see an error i.e. No forecast Quarters available to create the new Forecast.

After a bit of brainstorming we found that the current year configurations are missing in the Translations. To solve this issue first we need to add a forecasting period for the current year.
Simple steps to add a forecasting period:

  1. Go to Administration | Customization | Translations
  2. Click on New Button.
  3. Fill the data in the following manner.
    Caption Code        : 2012-Q1
    Caption Family      : Quarter
    Caption Family Type : Choices
    US Translation      :  2012 – Quarter 1
    UK Translation      : 2012 – Quarter 1
    French Translation  : 2012 – Quarter 1
    German Translation  : 2012 – Quarter 1
  4. Similarly create the other translation for Period 2. Please refer below screen shot.

Once you are done with adding the Periods in Translations, then do a metadata refresh. Log off and Log on to your CRM system.
Now your sales users will be able to create a new forecasting entry for the current  year.