GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM is now compatible with Australian Version of QuickBooks

By | March 25, 2013

GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM (Desktop / Cloud) – QuickBooks (Desktop) is a web-based Integration making it easy to use and time saving at the same time for both front office (salesperson) and back office (accountant) team. GUMU™ Integration synchronize’ s data with help of scheduler, data is updated bi-directionally, hence Salesperson and accountants are up to date with latest updates made in system, allowing Salesperson to view financial and customer information of QuickBooks in Sage CRM (Desktop)/ (Cloud) environment and vice-a-versa.
Note: Integration supports QuickBooks US, UK, Canada and Australia versions.

Let’s have a glimpse on Key Features of GUMU™ for Sage CRM-QuickBooks Integration:

1. View financial transactions like Orders and Invoices of customers generated from Sage CRM and QuickBooks.

2. Synchronize QuickBooks Customers as Companies in Sage CRM.

3. Generate Orders for customers in QuickBooks from Sage CRM screen thus enabling remote order entry option in your QuickBooks system.
4. Synchronize Data automatically with the help of Scheduler.

5. Promote newly created Companies/Order in Sage CRM to QuickBooks.

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