Flexible Grid Size in Sage CRM

By | June 24, 2013

The Grid or List in Sage CRM control helps user to view the number of records in a single glance. By default, each list shows 10 records in it and can be changed by user from the preferences tab.
Users can change the number of rows being displayed in the gird by navigating to MyCRM >> Preferences Tab >> Grid Size drop-down.

This option allows you to change the grid sized for fixed variable values such as 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 rows at a time. This will set the size selected for all the grids present in CRM. Default value for Grid Size in Sage CRM is 10.
Hence, when you select value of Grid Size as 10, users will be able to see 10 rows per page in a grid irrespective of the data present in the system to be displayed.
Let us take an example of Company Search Grid; say if you have only 3 records in the company entity. Then the Company Search grid will be displayed as below.

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Irrespective of only 3 records in the system, all the 10 rows (with 7 blank rows) will get displayed.
What if user doesn’t want to show blank rows in the list?
This can be made possible with a bit of customization. To implement the same you need to write a script, which needs to be added in the custom content of that particular grid, which you want to restrict from showing blank rows. Once done the customized grid will look like below Company Search Grid.

This option allows you to keep the grid size flexible according to the data present in the system. As a result, changes will affect only those grids, which have been customized for changes.
This customization works in synchronization with the grid size set for CRM through Preference Tab as explained above. For example, we have set Grid Size to 10 and then implemented this code to hide the blank rows. Therefore, if there are more than 10 records in system, the grid will look like below showing the first 10 records on the 1st page with the Go to Page/Green arrow option to move to next page.

Navigating to next page, we will be able to see the rest of records without blank rows as below.

This way user will be able to see records without any blank lines. These will be helpful for those users, whom Grid size is set to maximum in the system.
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