Set Birthday reminders in Sage CRM

By | May 16, 2013

In Sage CRM, there is a wide range of different functionality. One of that useful functionality is Escalation rules that we can use in our daily basis work like setting notification for user or sending mail to client based on some criteria and many more. By using the same functionality, users can set Birthday reminders for their customers. They can even send birthday wishes to them via email.
To do the same follows below mentioned steps:

1. Login into Sage CRM as an Administrator
2. Add a new date field in pers_birthday in person table.
3. Then to create an escalation rule, navigate to Administration >> Advanced Customization >> Escalation and click on “New” button. You will get the below screen.
4. Fill in the following information as given below;

Tick the Table option: Select the “Person” entity.
Rule Name: Birthday Reminder (As per your need).
Select the Rule Enabled check box.
Trigger SQL Clause:
datepart(day,pers_birthday-5) = datepart(day,getdate())
and datepart(month,pers_birthday)  = datepart(month,getdate())

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5. Click on “Save” button and it will redirect you to the below grid.
6. Here click on hyperlink of “Birthday Remainder” escalation rule.

7. In this screen, click on “New” Button to create a new action for the created rule

8. Here, click on the “Show Notification on Screen”.

9. Users will be navigated to below screen. Here, set column as pers_deleted and Message as #pers_firstname# Birthday Coming Up. (You can change the message as per your convenience). Then, click on Save button.

Hence, now if there are any person, whose birth date matches with the current day and month, it will show notification message on the screen 5 days before the birth date.
As a result, by following the above given steps, users can explore an additional feature of Sage CRM and can set birthday reminder notifications in Sage CRM.
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