More Levels of Escalation

By | September 6, 2013

As we all know Sage CRM provides us with a customized way to keep record of the issues or say cases assigned to a user. But what if this cases are remained untouched! Does your CRM help? No! That is where the Service level agreements (SLA) come in.
SLA provides us with the functionality to inform higher authority if certain action on the ticket are not performed. Escalations are fired against cases in order to track the length of time i.e.  for how long the case remained in a particular stage. Escalations are not only fired once but for the number of times you set the actions in CRM, by default it is 5 but can be increased or decreased based on the severity of the case.
In this blog, I will explain you how to change the number of SLA action levels for the escalations to get fired. Follow the below steps for the same:
1. Login to CRM

2. Administration | Advanced Customization | Workflow and Escalation Configuration1

3. Click on the Change button on Workflow/Escalation panel to make it in editable mode.2

4.Set the number in the Maximum SLA Actions field say 8.
5.Click on Save button.
Once the numbers of actions are set in Workflow/Escalation panel, you will get the same number of action fields in the SLA timings in hour’s panel on the SLA summary screen.