Tuning Escalation Engine

By | May 9, 2014

SageCRM escalations module ensures timely completion of the tasks assigned to the user and if not completed on time escalates the same to proper authority. These escalations configured in CRM, but we can also control when these escalations will be triggered. Here is how.
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Escalations getting fired through CRM are based on the settings done at below path
Administration ||  Advanced Customization || Workflow & Escalation Configuration
Here, the Notify interval (sec) field value represents the minimum interval (in seconds) between the server polling clients for notification reminders or run the escalation rules.
Whereas, the Escalation Engine tuned for defines the manner in which an escalation rule will process. Here there are two options, selecting System Performance will make the escalation rule to get triggered at the rate of polling value set under Notify Interval field i.e. if notify interval is set to 300 seconds escalations will get fired at every 5 minutes.
Likewise, selecting Immediate Delivery means that the notification will get processed at the time of creation of associated entity record say a communication record, as well as every time the system polls at the notification interval defined.
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