Show Campaign/Wave Activity in Communication screen

By | October 7, 2013

Sage CRM allows you to link the campaigns/wave activities which are taken for business marketing. Campaigns can be linked to the Communications by selecting the Show Campaigns button available on Communication screen.
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Campaign1We came across a scenario where user needs to access the Campaign/Wave Activity field without clicking on the Show Campaign button.
Initially we thought it might be a difficult task to show the Campaign/Wave Activity by default on the screen. We checked the properties of a screen before and after clicking on the Show Campaigns button. Bingo, we found the one small difference in the URL. Here we observed that only the below parameter gets added to the new communication URL when user clicks on the Show Campaign button.
Before clicking Show Campaign button:
After clicking Show Campaign button:
Programmatically it can be achieved by following below 2 steps.
Step 1: Write a Create Script code to create entire URL (similar as above mentioned).
Step 2: Write a Client Side script to navigate the users to the screen which shows Campaign/Wave Activity field by default on new communication screen.
Once done, you will observe that, Campaign/Wave Activity field will be visible on screen. Refer below screenshot.
Campaign2Using Sage CRM server side and Client side coding, users can be navigated to the required screens in a very easy manner. 
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