DOT NET API configuration and compatibility Issues

By | December 7, 2013

Most of the new modules of Sage CRM work on DOT NET (.NET) API technology like Relationships tab. Users are given a provision to create API DLL’s for your custom entities. The overall working remains the same where we add the DLL’s in CustomDotNet folder and call the methods from CRM blocks. However while dealing with DOT NET customizations in Sage CRM we come across some common errors where DOT NET (.NET) logs don’t shade much light on the exact issue. Such problem scenarios have been discussed in the earlier blogs too.

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Let us consider an example of Relationships DLL.
1.File does not exist at this path:

This error pops up when RelatedEntities.dll that is used to run relationship tab of Sage CRM has been replaced or changed with a different path where your Sage CRM is currently installed. So while accessing, relationship tab user will encounter the given error.Screenshot1

The resolution for this error is given in the link below:
Error On Relationships tab
2. An error has occurred in a CRM DOT NET(.NET) customization. Please contact your vendor to resolve.

This error occurs when SageCRM.NET and SageCrmWrapper file is replaced with the latest installation of Sage CRM. Whenever a new Sage CRM is installed in the same directory it replaces the old files with the new one. So the functionalities which run on DOT NET (.NET) like Relationship tab or customization will display below error to users.


You can check below blog to resolve this error.
Wrapper error in Sage CRM
3. Issues with backward compatibility

At the time of developing DOT NET API DLL’s we build them in one version, but when we configure them for other versions they don’t run and results in several DOT NET errors.

Use this small development tip that will give resolution from this issue.
Backward compatibility for .NET API DLLs from old version
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