Use Open XML in Sage CRM .Net API

By | May 8, 2015

Sage CRM has made the functional development much easier by providing enhanced .Net API development kit with recent versions. Developers can use wide range of packages to build enhanced solutions for business needs with better flexibility.

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In most of the implementations of Sage CRM, a common requirement which comes is to upload existing data in CRM. Well, we do have standard data upload utility for entities like Company, Person and Lead by default. But in case of custom entities, we need to write our own custom routines to upload the data using .Net API.

Now, one of the well-known approaches to upload data is using Microsoft Interop Assembly which uses excel application object to perform required operations to import data. But this often leads to error, few of them are listed below.

1. You need to make sure that version of assembly and version of excel installed on relevant machine are same.
2. Issues related to DCOM rights.

To overcome all these issues, there is a simple and elegant way to use “Open XML”. Open XML is a open file format which is related to Microsoft office application. Open XML document is actually represented by using a collection of related files, called Parts that are stored in a package. We need to include “DocumentFormat.OpenXml” assembly in our project.

One of the main advantages is Open XML file formats ensure that data that is contained in documents can be accessed by any program that understands the file format. Another benefit is, there is no need to install Office Client Applications on server related environment.

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