Make Calendar Control visible in Sage CRM

By | June 7, 2014

Recently we came across a strange behavior of the Date Picker field where the Date Picker was not opening to show the Calendar control in Sage CRM.
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As a normal behavior, when any  Sage CRM user clicks on the above highlighted icon Calendar control pops up as shown below:
Initially we thought this must be an issue with the Internet Explorer browser cache problem. Hence we tried to clear browser cache but even then, there were no changes. This has been observed throughout Sage CRM wherever Date/Date Time field is available.
If you are facing this same issue, you can solve it by following the below mentioned steps:
1) Navigate to Start | Administrative Tools | Server Manager.
2) Server Manager will get open as shown below.
3) Select Configure IE ESC from the right hand side section.
4) Internet Explorer Enhanced security configuration wizard will get open as shown below.
5) You need to make sure that the Administrators and Users settings are done as shown above. This will help resolve the issue.

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