Disable Date Time Picker in Sage CRM v7.2

By | November 12, 2013

With new advanced capabilities of client side scripting in Sage CRM7.2 we have got added flexibility in field and screen customizations. I have discussed many such scripts on this blog including the new and old ones.
The New Stuff: New way of Client side field customizations
Now, as you might know, we can control the behavior of date picker fields using new API. Suppose you want to disable Opened date field on lead screen, but how do you disable pickers? Here is how.
This can be easily achieved by adding below JQuery script in the Custom Content section of lead screen i.e. “LeadCustomScreen”.
$(‘#lead_opened’).removeClass(“hasDatepicker”).removeAttr(‘id’);                $(‘#lead_opened_TIME’).prop(‘readonly’,true);
Here is how it will look.
DP_1Happy scripting 🙂
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