Consequences of De- Duplication

By | June 10, 2014

De-Duplication in Sage CRM is a feature which prevents users from feeding duplicate records into CRM. This avoids redundancy and ensures optimal usage of database. Sage CRM offers different ways in which we can set the dedupe behavior which he have already shared in our previous blogs.
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Well, when users create new Company/Person they directly land on New company/person screen instead of having DE duplication screen. This actually happens when De-Duplication is set to No in Data Management. In order to Enable De-Duplication you have to follow steps enlisted below:
1 Go to Administration |System | System Behavior
2 Click Change button.
3. Set Deduplication to Yes
4. This will enable deduplication.
De-Duplication is enabled and you are still getting error message?
Error shown above is because of Match rules are not set in Sage CRM. So follow the steps given below to set match rules.
1. Go to Administration | Data Management | Match Rules
2. Click New
3. Select Match Field
4. Select Match Type
5. Click Save.
This will add match rules and you will be able to see dedupe screen while creating new Company / Person as shown below.
Img-1 Img-2
Now that we know what dedupe is we can create Match Rules on different conditions and make usage of CRM more efficiently.
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