Allow Multiple Users to Edit Same Record

By | July 29, 2014

Sage CRM keeps a track of each and every record that is being edited by a user. Due to this behavior, Sage CRM shows the below warning message when editing a custom entity record designed using ASP pages.
Sage CRM gives above message when one or more users are editing the same record. Its effect on the Sage CRM customizations is discussed in the below post.

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With little tweak into your custom ASP page, you can allow more than 1 user to edit the same record at the same time.
Consider you have a custom ASP page that has below lines of code.
var r=CRM.FindRecord (‘project’,’proj_projectid=30′);
ProjectBlock = CRM.GetBlock (‘ProjectBoxLong’);
– Please ensure proper backups are taken before executing the following solutions –
You need to modify the page to include CheckLocks property as highlighted below.
var r=CRM.FindRecord(‘project’,’proj_projectid=30′);
ProjectBlock = CRM.GetBlock (‘ProjectBoxLong’);
ProjectBlock.CheckLocks = false;
When multiple users edit, one who saves later will see his changes however previous users data will be overwritten and alterations will be maintained in the Audit Trail (Tracking) tab of an entity. This feature is generally not advised for large user base due to instances of slow down or dead lock if there are many users accessing the same record at a time. Please consult your System Administrator/Sage Partner before doing this.
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