Creating Screen dynamically using Sage CRM EntryGroup object

By | July 28, 2014

Recently working on DotNet API of Sage CRM, we came across a requirement wherein we wanted to display the fields of Sage 100 in Sage CRM screen on a real time basis. The challenge here we found was that these fields were not present in the CRM database and we didn’t want to add additional screen and fields in database as we wanted to display it only for view purpose.
As we wanted to display the page in view mode just like if it has been created from Sage CRM standard methods, we have used EntryGroup object. Please refer the below code snippet for the same.
EntryGroup objScreen = new EntryGroup(“”);
Here, we are creating an object of EntryGroup for the screen which is not present in Sage CRM. Using the same object of Entry Group we can add any number of fields as shown below. This fields get created dynamically and as I said, it’s not stored in database as well.
Entry objField= new Entry (“Udf_FieldName”);
objField.Caption=”Field Caption”;
objField.ReadOnly = true;
Once done with defining all the fields in the EntryGroup object, you can display the screen using the below code snippet
ex.Title = “Demo”;
Please go through below screenshot which is created by us referring above code snippet.
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