Identify Sage CRM Administrator users

By | November 26, 2013

Role of Sage CRM administrator is to perform various operations which includes Periodic Data Maintenance (Periodic Database Backup and its Recovery), Addition of new fields requested by users, Modifying Selection lookups, Data security by giving proper access privileges to users and teams etc.
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Recently there was a question in one of forum post that how can we identify a user who has System Administrator rights?  Hence I thought to document it for all of our blog readers and users who are not aware of this thing. There are below 2 ways to identify Sage CRM users who are Administrators.
A) From within Sage CRM System
B) From Sage CRM Database
A) From within Sage CRM System
1) Login to Sage CRM.
2) Navigate to Administration | Users | Users.
Note: Kindly note that Administration area is not accessible to all users. It is accessible based on the user rights configured from logged in user by Sage CRM Administrator.
3) Select System Admin option from the Administration field dropdown.
4) Click on Find button.
5) That’s it. You will get all the users who are Sage CRM Administrators.
B) From Sage CRM Database
To identify the same from Sage CRM database, then you can easily do the same by executing below query on Sage CRM database.
select User_Per_Admin,* from users (nolock)
where User_Per_Admin=3 and User_Deleted is null
Number of users returned by the above query is the Sage CRM Administrators.
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