Calculate Sales Tax in Sage CRM using AvaTax API

By | March 31, 2015

Thank You for making our GUMU as a preferred choice for integrating Sage CRM with Sage 100 (MAS90) ERP. Since its built on a flexible architecture we keep on adding new features adding more value to your business. Today, we are we will discuss a new requirement which will make your Sage CRM tax smart.
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Recently one of our customers approached us with a customization request. They have an AVATAX by Avalara add-on in their Sage 100 (MAS90) ERP which calculates tax based on the Shipping and warehouse addresses selected on the sales order. Similar to this functionality from within Sage 100 ERP,  they wanted this Tax calculation functionality to be available in Sage CRM screens where user should be able to calculate tax using AvaTax API.

Below is the proposed functionality for this project.
a. User will configure his AvaTax account details in configuration screen.
b. Sage CRM user will create Sales order in Sage CRM from within Sage CRM screens using GUMU.
c. While creating orders in Sage CRM, Sage CRM user will be able to validate Addresses in Sage CRM
d. User will be able to calculate Sales Tax using AvaTax Sales tax calculation API. Later this Sage CRM order can be promoted to Sage 100 real-time along with Tax values fetched using AvaTax add-ons.
Currently this functionality is in development phase. We would be glad to hear any feedback/suggestion on this. You can write us at