Behavior of SSA field in Customized entity

By | June 26, 2015

Hi folks! Hope you all must be aware of “SSA” (i.e. Search Select Advance) field in crm. I will define it in one sentence “Acts as a bridge between two entities”. Now, I will explain it in more detail by taking two scenario’s (i.e. Standard entity, customized entity). What exactly I want to say is as follows.
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From above image, what I want to explain is that in opportunity we have a SSA field named as Company which allows us to select a particular company against that opportunity. And, on click of that selected company hyperlink company Summary popup window opens up. But, when you link your SSA field of a Customized Entity you find below error.
To avoid above error you need to call below mentioned function on “On-load Script” of the respective screen.
function PageOnLoad()
var SSA_FieldId = “”;
var sASurl= document.EntryForm.SSA_Field.value;
SSA_FieldId = getLineItemValue(“Key58”,sASurl);
SID=new String(crm.getArg(“SID”,sASurl));
if(SID==”” || SID==”undefined” || SID==”null”)SID=”0″;
var sNewURL=”&Act=432&Mode=1&CLk=T&Key0=58&Key37=”+SSA_FieldId+”&<Linked Entity PrimaryId>=”+SSA_FieldId
sNewURL += “&dotnetdll=<linked Entity>.crm.dll&dotnetfunc=Run<linkedEntitySummary>Summary&Key58=”+SSA_FieldId+””;
var sFinalURL=sInstallURL+”eware.dll/Do?SID=”+SID+sNewURL
document.EntryForm.SSA_Field.value = sFinalURL;
function getLineItemValue(name,sURL)
var winURL = sURL;
var queryStringArray = winURL.split(“?”);
var queryStringParamArray = queryStringArray[1].split(“&”);
var nameValue = null;
for ( var i=0; i<queryStringParamArray.length; i++ )
queryStringNameValueArray = queryStringParamArray[i].split(“=”);
if ( name == queryStringNameValueArray[0] )
nameValue = queryStringNameValueArray[1];
return nameValue;
Explanation of Above Code:
The “PageOnLoad ()” function simply gets the “Primary ID” and required “URL”. And “getLineItemValue ()” function returns the “Primary ID” value of the customized entity.
Note:  sNewURL holds the URL that is required to show summary of customized entity. I have highlighted the same on above image.
Once these is done your task is done. Find below screen for your reference with resolved issue.
Happy Scripting!!
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