Sage ERP data access over any browser, mobile or tablet device

By | August 27, 2015


You don’t always need to be on cloud if you would like to access your Sage ERP or CRM customer data over any browser, mobile or tablet devices. Not just that, even promote orders and invoices any-time from anywhere and from any device be it iOS or Android.

Greytrix GUMU Sage CRM integrations for Sage 100, Sage X3,  and Sage 500 has been a trusted solution for over 10 years with over 1000’s of users accessing customer data – Real-time, bi-directional, multi-company over any browser, mobile and tablet devices from within Sage CRM on-premise.

You can upgrade when you want and what you want, just ERP or just CRM or maybe both, its your wish. GUMU always supports the latest and the recent ERP/CRM versions and yes, we can easily customize and integrate with any third party apps your business needs.

You can try this in real.. access this demo site today from your browser or any mobile device.
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* Read this post if accessing from mobile device

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How it actually works – Its always best explained with a real life example. In one of our recent interactions regarding GUMU we got this query from our Partner about this topic of over the web accessibility.

Q: Thanks for your prompt answers.  I would like to make sure that I clearly understand the connectivity issues relating to Sage CRM and Sage 100.  Can you confirm that when GUMU is installed a remote Sage CRM user does not need to connect to the local area network in any way to make the related changes in Sage 100 or to create sales orders.  This means that the user simply opens the web browser, launches Sage CRM and any activities (creating sales orders, inquiry of customer information, adding a contact, etc…) will flow though to Sage 100 without any additional steps (besides logging into Sage 100 as required).

A: Well, regarding your query,  yes you are correct. You will be able to access full integration functionality without connecting to local area network,
1. If you host your Sage CRM on the internet (through external ip)
2. If your Sage CRM server and Sage 100 server are connected in your network and files of both servers are accessible on each other’s system.

Need a Live Demo to understand better: We can do that anytime as per your convenience. Just email us on to setup one.

NFR for Sage Partners: We can assist you in setting up a NFR copy on your test machine. Just give us remote access to your test machine with Sage ERP and Sage CRM installed (incase of Sage 100 you need to install both separately) and we will get the integration working for you within 1 working day. Email us on to setup a schedule when you would like to do this.

It’s flexible, accessible and secure. Do you still need to be on the cloud (it has its own benefits though, we have a solution for that as well 😉