Restrict Sage CRM user to access your integrated ERP data using Integration

By | September 10, 2015

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides important business functionality to marketing, sales, service and other processes involving customer and employee interactions. It’s Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting systems, eCommerce platforms, lifecycle management systems and collaboration and communication systems allows interactions and exchange of information that are integral part of an Organization systems. But when information passes between systems, sensitive data and activities are exposed to the possibility of unintentional disclosure, theft, denial-of-service and other security threats.

In a large organization, all the tasks are distributed among departments or between groups of peoples where they are supposed to do few tasks repetitively.   For example, a departments who updates customer information in the system OR employees who are supposed to update confirm orders in Sage CRM and so on. In such cases, each department or group of people doesn’t require all the rights to access integrated information.  Many times there are various reports like Cost Vs Sales, Sales history reports, revenue reports which are generally require by managers and should not be accessible to normal users.


In such cases, it is very important to have security feature present in the integration so that system administrator can provide restrictive access to all the other CRM users from accessing integrated ERP and other system data.  System administrator can allow/deny accessing particular integration functionality to different CRM users.

For Sage CRM, we have many integration products available in the market where we integrate Sage CRM with other ERP system along with other technical platform like accounting systems or eCommerce platforms.  All these integration contains many features like Import Customer, Promote customer, Promote Order, View Order Inquiry, View AR inquiry, view Sales history data etc.

Greytrix GUMUTM Integration is a middleware platform that ensures the capability for a secure CRM integration environment. Here, we have provide feature called “Security matrix “where admin Sage CRM can restrict access of information to various Sage CRM users.

Greytrix have some unique integration solutions for Sage CRM with Sage ERP’s (Sage ERP X3Sage 100 ERPSage 500 ERPSage 300 ERPSage 50 ERP (US edition)). It also offers best-in-class Sage ERP customization and development services to Business Partners, End Users and Sage PSG worldwide.

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