How to enable Quotes & Orders tab against Opportunity?

By | September 10, 2015

By now, we all are familiar with the various Businesses across the world and its necessity to track the Sales and Purchase details. Sage CRM is very much capable in managing the Sales process with the help of various entities such as Lead, Opportunity, Quotes, and Orders etc. But as every business has a slight difference in their process of capturing sales; CRM also allows the provision to switch between the usage of Quotes & Orders or Opportunity Items against the opportunity.
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One of our clients who was running a small – scale industry had a very simple sales process where they used to sell their Products for some specific quoted price at one go. This process mainly did not involve creation of any quotation or purchase orders through CRM.
However as the business expands, process followed throughout also required a change. And this emerged the requirement of enabling formal quotes and order generation against an opportunity before it can be marked as Closed. This was easily achieved with the help of few settings as explained below –
1. Navigate to Administration | System |System Behavior.
2. Click on Change.
3. Set Use opportunity items field as Quotes and Orders and Save.
Quotes & Orders Tab
And there you go, your system is now very much capable of generating formal quotes & purchase orders against the opportunity along with many more features under Sales management.
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