Restrict Sage CRM user access to your Sage 100 ERP data with GUMU Security Matrix

By | January 29, 2014

With GUMU Integration you can have better control of the way data is managed/shared in your organization. We have seen many features recently like Order Entry through Mobile/Tablets, RMA Integration, AR Invoice etc. We will talk today about a feature which has been since inception and a foundation to have better control over your business.

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The Security Matrix of GUMU integration allows you to give access rights to various GUMU features like importing customers/products, promoting customers/orders/invoices, viewing the order inquiry, GUMU Dashboard, AR Inquiry/history or other integration information.
Note: Only users with administrator rights have access to this Security Matrix feature.
In Sage CRM you can navigate to this page from Sage CRM >Administration> Sage 100 Administration> Security Matrix.  Once you click the Security matrix, it will display the list of all the Sage CRM users in Grid format as shown in the below screenshot
Using this screen, Sage CRM System administrator can allow/restrict access of a user to any GUMU features by just checking/unchecking the check box against the user.
Data of any matter which is stored in CRM/ ERP is of a very important nature and depending on your business; it becomes crucial to manage this data in a secure manner. With GUMU all is done so easily and you have better control over your business.

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