Create reminder task/appointments for users when record is inserted

By | September 7, 2016

Activities play an important role in business operations. In Sage CRM activities can be tasks, appointments, meetings and send email. We can associate activities with entities such as leads, Company, Person, Cases and Opportunities.
Business Users handle thousands of record activities every day. It is important for them to update or work on individual activities on time and complete. They can view their day to day activities on MY CRM calendar tab.
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Now in this blog we are going to discuss how one can create automatic task or appointment when Case/Opportunity record is inserted/updated/progressed in Sage CRM.
Sage CRM Workflow is very powerful tool but one of the limitations is that Follow up Actions, such as ‘Create Task’ or ‘Create Appointment’ cannot be invoked on Primary Rules as Primary rules are executed in line with record execution when compared with transactional and global workflow rules.
The advantage of creating a reminder task or appointment is notify Users that they have task in hand assigned to then which needs to actioned. They can view tasks and appointments on their Calendar screen.
If we have a business requirement that states a task or an appointment must be created when Opportunity or Case is inserted then Communication record must be inserted for reminder to complete the record on time without falling.
Let’s say we have a requirement to create a communication record when new case is inserted in Sage CRM. Now to accomplish the requirement we can use Post Insert function of a Table level script on the Case entity.
For this we would be required to.
1) Fetch Case details.
2) Create a new communication record by linking Case ID to this Communication record.
3) Create a communication link record by linking communication record created above to this record.
Refer sample code that can be implemented in Post Insert function of TLS.
var newCaseRecord = CRM.FindRecord(“Cases”,WhereClause); //’ WhereClause fetches record inserted ID.
var intCaseId = newCaseRecord.Case_Caseid;
var intCaseUserID = newCaseRecord.case_assigneduserid;
var intPersID = newCaseRecord.case_primarypersonid;
var intCompID = newCaseRecord.case_primarycompanyid;
var CommRecord = CRM.CreateRecord(“Communication”);
CommRecord.Comm_ChannelId = CRM.GetContextInfo(‘user’,’user_primarychannelid’);
CommRecord.Comm_Type = ‘Task’;
CommRecord.Comm_Action = ‘ToDo’;
CommRecord.Comm_Status = ‘Pending’;
CommRecord.Comm_Priority = ‘Normal’;
CommRecord.Comm_Note = “<Communication Note>”; //’ Add required Communication Note
CommRecord.Comm_Description = “<Communication Meesage>”; //’ Add Communication description
CommRecord.Comm_CaseId = intCaseId;
Above code needs to be used upon inserting new record. If you have a business requirement which states to create task or appointment when record is progressed i.e. when we use Transactional or Global rules, one can simply use Create task or Create appointment feature available in workflow action.
Workflow action
For more information on this refer our previous blog link below where we shared the information on creating a tasks through workflow with defined due period
Creating tasks through workflow with defined due period
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