Access Rights to create new Reports in Sage CRM

By | July 18, 2015

Sage CRM provides a list of features for managing Rights to Data Access for all Users. In this blog, I will explain how we can grant access to a user to create new report in Sage CRM.
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While, working on an implementation for one of our client where they had access rights for Reports but they were not able to create “New Report Category” and “New Report” in Sage CRM.
So, the solution was to give “Info Manager Rights” to that User. Having Info Manager Rights in a user account it means that user will have limited access to the Administration area. To give rights for creating reports in Sage CRM, consider the following procedure.
1. Go to Administration | Users | Users.
2. Search for user.
3. Click on Change button to change settings.
4. In Security Panel, select “Info Manager” form Administration field. See below screenshot.
5. Once the changes are done click on Save button.
After assigning proper rights, he was able to create “New Report Category” and “New Report” in Sage CRM.
Enjoy with Sage CRM features…!!!
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