to Sage CRM Migration service.

By | September 23, 2014

We helps in migrating data from a number of Source CRM (i.e. Act!, GoldMine, SLX ,, Maximizer etc.) to SageCRM / as a target databases at our migration lab.
Today, we will walk through the migration services for “ to Sage CRM”.
New Stuff: Migration of Act! Groups in Sage CRM

We consider “ to Sage CRM” as a custom migration and it is done at our lab. Below are the standard entities which we migrate from to Sage CRM.
SFDC Entities
Apart from above mentioned entity list, we also migrate any other custom entity from to Sage CRM.
We require below details to migrate data to Sage CRM.
1) database backup (CSV Files)
2) Sage CRM database backup
3) Sage CRM admin level credentials.
4) Sage CRM version and edition details.
5) SQL Database backup.
6) Custom Fields mapping.
Why Greytrix does not have a utility for to SageCRM /
Often users also ask if we have this as a utility similar to our other GUMU™ plug and play migration products. Please note that editions of (except Enterprise) does not allow accessing of the data via web services hence forcing us to manually export the date into .csv files and then utilize some of our existing pre written code scripts to perform the data migration into SageCRM / Due to the existing scripts, this allows us to provide a cohesive approach in a cost effective and one of the best delivery timelines.
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