Re-point GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration connection to different Sage X3 folder

By | December 30, 2017

There are many instances where client generally setup their Sage CRM server with TEST Sage X3 folder using GUMU™ integration for testing purpose and once they completes their testing, client can take same Sage CRM to Live by re-pointing to different Sage X3 folder (Live folder).

New Stuff: GUMU™Integration v/s Sage Integration for Sage CRM and Sage X3

For achieving this, user can follow below instructions.

  1. Take complete backup of Sage CRM system including DB.
  2. Take complete backup of Sage X3 system including DB.
  3. Below are the steps for pointing different Sage X3 folder from same Sage X3 server in Sage CRM GUMU configuration.

a. Let’s consider currently ‘TEST’ folder is integrated and now user want to point ‘LIVE’ folder in GUMU™ integration.
b. Delete all the records from Sage CRM database which are related to ‘TEST’ folder.

i. To delete the records, login into Sage CRM SQL database server.
ii. Now user have to delete data from CUSTOM_CAPTIONS table, to delete it run the below query in SQL

Update Custom_Captions set Capt_deleted=75′ where Capt_Code like ‘TEST%’ and Capt_Deleted is null

iii.Now delete all the TEST records created in CRM and which are associated with old Sage X3 folder from below tables of Sage CRM.
1. Company
2. Person
3. Address
4. Address_Link
5. PhoneLink
6. EmailLink
7. NewProduct
8. ProductFamily

c. Delete the Link server which is created in CRM SQL SERVER pointing to old TEST Sage X3 folder. Create the new link server which is pointing to new Live Sage X3 folder.
d. Refresh the Sage CRM Metadata and RESET IIS.
e. Install all the Sage X3 patches on New ‘LIVE’ folder.
f. Re-configure GUMU™ from both Sage CRM and Sage X3 side and complete the testing.

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