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Inbuilt Add-ons – Sage CRM 2014 R2

Over last few days we have posted a series of blogs on Sage CRM Cloud. As we all are familiar, CRM provides various means to manage customer relationships in convenient manner but incorporating with social media enables to build strong bond with customers. This blog describes one of the best inbuilt features of Sage CRM… Read More »

Twitter account under MyCRM SageCRM 7.2

We all are familiar with most of the features provided by Sage CRM 7.2 which provide various means to manage Customer Relationships with individuals or organizations. What if you get to socialize to access more information about a person you will be meeting for an opportunity and that too right in CRM itself? Well yes!… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Facebook Component

Being social is a must in today’s world; no matter if it’s an individual or organization. Any means which let you connect to larger set of audience is good for the growing business. Over the recent years sites like Facebook, Twitter have served the purpose well. Considering this, new version of SageCRM 7.2 has also… Read More »