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Add hyperlinks on the Sage CRM fields contained in an Entity Context

Sage CRM provides hyperlink on SSA fields to navigate from one context to another context with single click. This helps Sage CRM users to avoid multiple clicks. New Stuff: Change the Look and Feel of Sage CRM Grid For example, if Sage CRM user is in Case context and wants to navigate to an associated… Read More »

Changing the color of hyperlinks in sage CRM

Now a day’s most of the Sage CRM users use Contemporary theme as preferred theme as it looks well organized and user friendly. Main menu drop down list, recently viewed records, top bar icons and buttons are well organized which helps user to access the information easily. New Stuff: Notifications not working in Sage CRM 2017… Read More »

Search using Address, Email and Phone Data in Quick Find

Among all of the changes and updates into Sage CRM 2017, the inclusion of quick search feature has been the highly praised featured by users. It allows CRM users to search data in no time. This feature has helped users to reduce navigation time and enhance their work efficiency. Quick search box option is available… Read More »

Hiding Add or Find Person hyperlink

Hi folks! Hope you all know the importance of Lead entity in Sage CRM, and also you all must be familiar of “Customer Details” and “Primary Contact Details” blocks available on lead summary screen. These two block has two hyperlinks on it (i.e. Add or Find this Customer & Add or Find this Person).  See… Read More »

Quick Tip: Hyperlinking inside Your Notes in Sage CRM

If you enter any url directly on notes, such as, it will not be automatically recognized as a link. With little client side scripting, Sage CRM can be customized to add hyperlink on the URL which is entered into the Notes field of Sage CRM. New Stuff: Adding Image Under Status Column on Grid… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Facebook Component

Being social is a must in today’s world; no matter if it’s an individual or organization. Any means which let you connect to larger set of audience is good for the growing business. Over the recent years sites like Facebook, Twitter have served the purpose well. Considering this, new version of SageCRM 7.2 has also… Read More »