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Hash fields in Workflow Execute SQL Statements

Workflow is one of the powerful features of SageCRM. We can define workflow Rules for systematically updating data for the entities through workflow. Every rule must be associated with set of actions. Sage CRM Workflow has several workflow actions that can be configured for any workflow rule as shown in below diagram. New Stuff: Implementing… Read More »

Edit E-mail before sending it through workflow

There is Send email workflow action provided for this under standard workflow. This functionality is quite efficient for email sending if no complicated e-mail design is involved. We were requested the twist in this e-mail sending functionality for one of the custom entities on our client’s Sage CRM system. Though the entity was custom primary… Read More »

Interesting fact about Values () collection:

Let’s consider the case of creating new opportunity as an example. Consider that you want to set value of oppo_description field based on oppo_type field i.e. say you want to set description field to “Hello World” if oppo_type is set to parts. Now normally what comes in our head to incorporate this is something like,… Read More »