Cloning an Escalation Rule

By | March 21, 2014

As we all know that latest version of Sage CRM gives us a features to clone various configurations which eventually saves our valuable time. However cloning is not new to SageCRM framework. It was already in place for escalations, workflow rules etc.
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Consider a scenario where same set of escalation rules are required to be created in CRM with minor changes in scripts. Creating them one by one will consume lot of hours.
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In this post we will talk about cloning escalation rules for similar set of functionalities. Let’s consider below shown email reminder rule on escalations.


As you can see in above screen I have highlighted a field which says Available for Cloning. By selecting this field the escalation rule of Email Reminder will be available for cloning new rules in CRM. Once above change is saved, at the time of adding any new rule, we will find the rule created above for cloning. Refer below screenshot.


By choosing the required option from the list system will automatically copy the Trigger SQL Clause, Workflow Actions and other settings of existing escalation rule on saving the same. We just need to have a different rule name. See below screenshot for your reference.


Once saved, a new escalation will be available in the list of rules. To see the details of newly created escalation we have to click on Rule Name hyperlink. If required we can make modifications in the new escalation. See the below screenshot for your reference.


The best part of above configurations is, if you want to do any changes in basic script you just have to implement them in Base escalation rules and cloned escalation rules will automatically take them up.
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