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Scheduling Backup activity through Sage CRM 2014 R2

For every Business environment, managing/securing data and Disaster management responsibilities goes hand in hand. Backing up data has always been the only recommended solution for recovering data which also proves very profitable. The only risk which is involved is doing this task manually as someone may forget. Scheduling Backup activities is something which has been… Read More »

CRM database daily backup

Backup task is something that is very much required to be done every day in order to maintain working system over the time and recover through potential system crashes. However scheduling the one is not a great task, but needs accuracy in execution Through my observations of the processes I would not recommend third party… Read More »

Handle back and forward buttons.

Whenever we make use of large number of custom pages in our customization it is very usual to see the crashing issues on back and forward buttons. Normally what happens is, whenever we make use of custom pages we need to create our custom URL’s for the same. Due to this sometimes we may face… Read More »

SQL DataBase Backup Through My CRM

1. Admin going to change the structure of CRM system?2. No DataBase person available to take the backup of SageCRM? Dont Worry!! Admin himself can take the database backup through My CRM without any help of DataBase person. Solution:We have a tool which adds a New tab in My CRM panel of Admin user called… Read More »