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Disable Keyboard Enter Key in Sage CRM Screens

In Sage CRM, when data is entered on Company, Person, Case, or any other custom entity screens, the record gets saved into Sage CRM when the Sage CRM user clicks on the “Enter” key on the Keyboard. One of our customers approached us and came up with a requirement that, he wants to prevent records… Read More »

Integrate Multiple Company with GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 50

Our GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 50 Integration is an external bi-directional utility which can be used to synchronize customer, order data from Sage CRM to Sage 50 and vice versa. This utility can be scheduled further to automate these synchronization processes New Stuff: GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 50 (US Edition) Integration… Read More »

Codeless Customization: Add Custom Entity New Screen when accessed through iPhone

In the previous blog, we had explained how to add custom entity find screen when accessed through Sage CRM iPhone. In this blog, we will explain how to add custom entity New screen to Sage CRM iPhone. Let’s consider an example: Sage CRM has a custom entity Project and you wanted to add new project… Read More »

Moving Sage CRM to new server

Firstly, credit of this blog contents should be given to Pat Dolan, Sage CRM Product Management. He had listed down detail steps to move Sage CRM to a new server. This post can be considered as an extension to our earlier posts (https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagecrm/2009/10/12/steps-to-be-remembered-while-moving-sage-crm-database-from-one-server-to-another/) which explains the steps to be followed while moving only the Sage… Read More »

Handle back and forward buttons.

Whenever we make use of large number of custom pages in our customization it is very usual to see the crashing issues on back and forward buttons. Normally what happens is, whenever we make use of custom pages we need to create our custom URL’s for the same. Due to this sometimes we may face… Read More »