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Migrate two or more company databases from any CRM to a single Sage CRM database company

Greytrix is a pioneer in providing Migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and catering end-user business requirements. We at Greytrix are focused to help the client in successfully implementing the new Sage CRM system through our various successful migration and integration solutions. We provide data migration services from different CRMs like ACT! , Goldmine,… Read More »

Error exporting reports to excel in CRM part 4

As you know we have been writing blogs on issues being faced while extracting reports data in excel and issues related to Dashboards not working. You can go through the links added below for your reference. Related Stuff: Error exporting reports to excel in CRM part 3 Even in today’s blog, we will be discussing… Read More »

Scheduling Backup activity through Sage CRM 2014 R2

For every Business environment, managing/securing data and Disaster management responsibilities goes hand in hand. Backing up data has always been the only recommended solution for recovering data which also proves very profitable. The only risk which is involved is doing this task manually as someone may forget. Scheduling Backup activities is something which has been… Read More »

Get Size of all Tables in CRM Database

For any database driven application, it is very important that the database must be optimized to the best so as to deliver higher performance. As the data volume in database increases, load on the system also increases which affects the performance on the system which in turn affects the client’s business. For business application like… Read More »

CRM database auto-backup on SQL express Editions

Database backup is very essential in business environment to keep disaster recovery options open. Maintaining every day database backup is routine practise for all software friendly industries. However doing this task manually is very tedious job and involves lot of risk if someone forgets to backup.  New Stuff: Sage 100 user mapping with Sage CRM… Read More »

Table Level Scripts Logging and Performance

In SageCRM, Table level script can be used for replicating SQL trigger like functionality.  Table level scripts help us handle the data update events properly and do corresponding actions within SageCRM. The beauty of it is we can use SageCRM API and write server side JavaScript like functionality to function similar to that of triggers.… Read More »

Sage CRM Database Maintenance

Database is the most important part of any application. Being business software, Sage CRM handles very delicate data and it is necessary to maintain this data properly in order to insure integrity and improved system performance. New Stuff: Confirm if your Sage CRM system has actually expired There are many ways to enhance the performance… Read More »

CRM database daily backup

Backup task is something that is very much required to be done every day in order to maintain working system over the time and recover through potential system crashes. However scheduling the one is not a great task, but needs accuracy in execution Through my observations of the processes I would not recommend third party… Read More »

External database connectivity

In my previous post I have discussed the methodology for data archival process in CRM. The part of the process also includes connecting an External Database. Suppose we are archiving communication table. That means we need a table similar to that of communication table to archive data in the similar fashion as that of the… Read More »