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Advanced level of Expense Module in Sage CRM

This blog is in continuation of our previous blog where we shared the process of our customized module to manage Claims & Bills amount submitted by the Sales Person. You can explore the overall features of Claim module integrated within Sage CRM by accessing below link. But as every user demands ‘Change’ either in the… Read More »

JavaScript to print Amount (In Words)

As you know, we have been writing blogs exploring the various features implemented in Sage CRM. With the help of JavaScript codes or say Client side API, customization efforts of the programmer’s life has come to an ease. We have already posted few blogs about writing JavaScript codes in .js files and calling the same in… Read More »

Time and Billing for Cases

Need to identify whether a recently closed case is billable or not?Want to create a report for cases which are billed on hourly basis?Solution:Now it is available in Sage CRM that a particular case is billable or not on the basis of some rules set by the admin. It calculates time duration by the time… Read More »