Advanced level of Expense Module in Sage CRM

By | December 11, 2015

This blog is in continuation of our previous blog where we shared the process of our customized module to manage Claims & Bills amount submitted by the Sales Person. You can explore the overall features of Claim module integrated within Sage CRM by accessing below link. But as every user demands ‘Change’ either in the process implemented or with the UI designed; we too thought of upgrading our customized module to take it to advance level.

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Since, Sage CRM helps in managing Customer related information in efficient manner may it be Contact Person details, Leads, Opportunities or even Cases. Link between Expense and these records was no where available. In below article, I will explain the modifications incorporated along with the Expense Approval & Reimbursement tracking.

The Expense module captured various parameters as summarized below –


User who wants to make an expense entry will simply navigate to Expense tab under My CRM section and fill the relevant details.

Expences Details

Once done, they can further add as many expense amount details as incurred. All the amount records will be listed out for the reference.

Expences Amount Details

Based on the amount entries made, a sum of all the three i.e. Total Self Expense, Total Company Expense and Total Expense Amount will be displayed on the same screen itself. Along with the expense amount sum up, user will be able to delete the recorded expense entry with the help of Select All, Deselect All and Remove Expenses buttons.

Expences Cal Details

Once the expense entry gets finalized, user can then submit the record for approval with the help of workflow. Further on, both the Approval & Reimbursement process will be carried out with the help of workflow. And user will be able to track all the progress with the help of the Stage & Status values.


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