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Migrate ACT! contacts to Sage CRM

In our previous blog, we had discussed about How to migrate Company from ACT! to Sage CRM. Going further with our series on GUMU™ CRM Migration services, this blog shall discuss about how one can migrate contacts from ACT! to Sage CRM through GUMU™. GUMU™ migrates ‘Contact’ records from ACT! as ‘Person’ in Sage CRM. ‘Persons’… Read More »

How to migrate Goldmine Companies into Sage CRM

We are continuing our blog series on GUMU Migration services. GUMU™ for Sage CRM –Goldmine is wizard driven utility that converts Goldmine’s User, Company, Contact, History, Pending, Notes and Opportunity into Sage CRM. Here we shall discuss about how Goldmine Companies are migrated to Sage CRM using GUMU™. Company records from Goldmine are migrated as Sage… Read More »

Migrate Goldmine notes in Sage CRM using GUMU

In our previous blog, we discussed about “Migrate Goldmine opportunities to Sage CRM using GUMU™ Utility” now let’s see “How goldmine notes are migrated to Sage CRM” during the Migration process. GUMU provides option to migrate Goldmine Notes as Notes in Sage CRM. During migration, user has to select the “Notes” option from the GUMU™… Read More »

Setting Time Zone before migrating data to Sage CRM using GUMU Migration Utility

Time zone setting is a very essential part in CRM Migration process, as a result it is recommended to be taken care in pre-requisite well in advance. Whenever, any new records is added though CRM frontend or backend; it takes machine time zone irrespective to the Source Companies time zone. There is no screen available… Read More »

Migrate GoldMine opportunities to Sage CRM with GUMU utility

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – GoldMine migration is a wizard driven utility that converts Goldmine data into Sage CRM or Sage CRM.com. The conversion process for GoldMine data is pretty simple, thus a user friendly GUI stepwise procedure will guide users to convert all their existing information details such as Company, Contacts, Communications (Pending or… Read More »