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GUMU Configuration for Sage CRM- Sage ERP X3 (v7.0 onwards) – II

In our previous blog, we gone through how to create GUMU configuration screen at Sage X3 side. In this blog we will discuss how to create Menu Sub Module and Navigation for GUMU configuration screen at Sage X3 Side New Stuff: Implementing Real time synchronization from Sage X3 to Sage CRM using GUMU Lets walk through how to create Menu sub mi-module and navigation for GUMU configuration screen,… Read More »

GUMU Configuration for Sage CRM- Sage ERP X3 (v7.0 onwards) – I

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 integration link is real time bi-directional link which sync customer data (Customer/Address/Contact) from Sage CRM to Sage X3 and vice verse. New Stuff: Implementing Real time synchronization from Sage X3 to Sage CRM using GUMU From v 7.0 onwards, user can access Sage X3 through web browser. In order to access GUMU configuration screen through web browser we have to first create… Read More »

Trick to remove Main Menu from pop-up windows in Sage CRM v7.2

Earlier Sage CRM versions were based on the Frames. However these frames are removed in Sage CRM v7.2. ASP Page Customizations and Client side customizations are the areas that are affected in Sage CRM v7.2. New Stuff: Codeless Customization: Add Custom Entities New Screen when accessed through iPhone We have observed similarly affected area when… Read More »