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Profile Pictures for users on Sage CRM Dot Com

Off late I have been posting various blogs regarding Sage CRM 2014 R2 which has been released on DOT COM. Today I will discuss one more enhancements where users can upload their profile pic as they do in any other social networking website. New Stuff:  Using LinkedIn widgets on Sage CRM screens Here is how… Read More »

Territory Profiles Issue in CRM

Territories and Territory profiles are the salient features provided by Sage CRM. These functionalities are most important in order to handle the data security worldwide as per the organizational structures. As we all know that Territory profiles are used to handle the access rights. We can create profile, set access rights for the primary entities… Read More »


Users do not “belong” to either profiles or territories. Profiles and Territories are set up to reflect the structure of your organization. Users are then assigned a profile and home territory depending on their position in the organization. Security Profile: A profile is a way of grouping users when defining access rights (View, Update, Insert… Read More »